What Is the difference between leads and calls?

Leads are contact form submissions. Calls are potential customers calling you live, in real time.

Are the leads exclusive?

100%! We only generate exclusive leads. No shared leads.

What’s the difference between your leads and those bought on Angi or Home Advisor?

Quality. Leads provided by us are exclusive and generated with a focus on quality. In addition, we have a monthly lead audit. This separates us from most lead generation agencies.

What if I don’t see my industry offered?

Let us know what industry leads you need, and we’ll make it happen.

What is your minimum criteria for a quality lead?

The 4 criteria for a billable, qualified lead are: 1. Accurate name and phone number 2. In your target geography 3. Lead showed interest by filling a contact form or placing a phone call 4. Lead must be in the industry category requested

What happens if the phone number for the lead is fake, or disconnected?

Occasionally it does happen. In this case we replace the lead.

What if the quality is not good?

All our leads meet our minimum qualification criteria. If a lead comes in that does not meet those criteria, it will be replaced.

What if you don’t deliver the leads?

The advantage of a Pay Per Result model is you only get charged for delivered leads.

What if the leads don’t convert into customers?

If leads are delivered, and they are not converting into paying customers, it is our recommendation to have a discussion with your sales team on improving your sales process.

Where do you get the leads?

Google ads, Display ads, Organic search, X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Email, Cold calling, Print advertising, and Direct mail.

How do I get billed?

Any monies you pay for leads get put in an online wallet. As leads come in, they get deducted from your online wallet balance. When the wallet balance falls below your threshhold, it gets recharged.

Can I switch my payment method from credit card to ACH, or vice versa?

Absolutely. Please make this change in the your client portal.

Do I still get charged if the lead answers the phone but claims they never filled out a lead form?

In most cases, there is no charge. On occasion, through some additional questioning, it has been deciphered that another household member had made the inquiry. In this case, the lead billable.

Can I switch my payment method from credit card to ACH, or vice versa?

Absolutely. Please make this change in the your client portal.

If the minimum reserve on my credit card is being triggered too frequently, can I increase it?

Yes. Please adjust the billing threshold in your client portal.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, $500. Occasionally, we have promotions to discount the set-up fee.

Does it cost anything to register?

No, Register and check out real-time pricing for your industry.

How much do the leads cost?

Your lead cost will depend on the following criteria: Type of lead, Lead format, Competition level, Geography, Quantity, and Time of year. Our lead pricing is real-time and transparent.

How much does it cost to get started?

Your initial investment will depend on your type of industry and quantity of leads. It is recommended to ideally budget $2,000-$2,500.

Are there volume discounts?


What is your guarantee?

If we don’t deliver leads, you don’t pay.

How many leads can I order?

It is recommended that you order as many leads as you can handle. A good starting point is about 1 lead per day, or about 30 per month.

Is there a long term contract?

No. Our services are month-to-month.

How long is the setup process?

Typically, 3-7 days. Complicated setups can take 2-3 weeks.

In the registration process, if I choose to get leads 24/7, I will get more leads. How can I follow up if I don’t have staff manning the phones after hours?

1. Order during times that you are staffed 2. Outsource your lead follow-up to an answering service 3. Let our call center handle all your lead follow-up for you

What if I want to stop getting leads in the middle of an order?

After the first 30 days, we can pause a campaign with 4 days notice.

What If I want to increase the quantity of leads?

You can order more leads at any time.

If my company offers multiple services, can I place one order for different services, or do I need to place separate orders?

A separate order for each lead industry will be required

How long does it take to get my first leads?

Once set-up is complete, we have seen leads come in as quickly as 5 minutes, or as long as 1 week. For highly competitive industries, the first lead could take 2-3 weeks.

How are the leads delivered?

Leads are delivered in real time by email, and also display in your client portal. It may be possible to send leads by SMS text message, and also be sent to your CRM.

Can I track the leads online that have been generated for me?

Yes, you can track all leads in real-time in your client portal.

What happens if I call a lead 7 or 8 times and no one answers?

It is recommended to keep following up with them. We are seeing it can take up to 14-15 attempts to make contact. It is also recommended to put the lead on a lead nurturing sequence.

What if I don’t have enough staff to call the leads fast enough?

Order fewer leads, or let us handle follow-up for you.

What happens if I purchase live call leads, and no one is available to answer the call?

You should not order this type of lead unless you are setup to respond to them. Or, you can let us handle these leads for you.

How does your call center work?

Our call centers will take every incoming lead call, and follow up with every contact form lead within 1-10 minutes. We will qualify the lead and book an appointment right into your calendar.

How do I return a bad lead?

Leads can only be returned through your client portal.

How many days do I have to return the leads?

You have a maximum of 4 days to return them.

What is your monthly lead audit?

Once a month, we go over the leads generated for the past 30 days to get a lead status. We use this information to get accurate conversion numbers and improve future results.

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